C2 Solutions


C2 Solutions provide a range of solutions and services for the analysis and
deployment of Enterprise Storage Architectures.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of data storage which is now one of the
key assets in any organisation. C2 Solutions focus is on the delivery of innovative
solutions that address a specific customers business needs or requirements.  This
often includes multiple vendor products although a number of key strategic
relationships exist.

The scope of the services will include the full range of data management
functionality including : Backup and Recovery; Disaster Recovery; Wide Area Data
Services; Synchronous and Asynchronous Replication.

A new service has now been added that is focused backup and recovery
infrastructures.  This provides a complete work-flow of services including: Data
Collection; Analysis, Modelling and Capacity Planning; Solution Design; Financial
Benefits Analysis. This approach has already delivered big benefits for some
customers including a $1.3M on one project - see below. See the Services link for
more details.

Projects Include:
Data Migration Project
Winner of a A global award for “Best
Practices in Storage
” at Storage
Networking World in Phoenix.

This was for a data centre migration
from UK to Prague for a global courier
company.  This was a 7 month project
utilising one of first worldwide
implementations of SAN based
virtualisation, and in-house developed
provisioning application to migrate core
HP-UX systems.  
Data De-duplication Project
Working with partner SIT, a state of the
art virtual tape solution was implemented
at a large European Car Manufacturer.
This incorporated data
replication technologies from
multiple vendors as a single integrated
solution. The solution allowed
primary backups to move to disk.
Backup Optimisation Project
A new backup and recovery
infrastructure was implemented for a
global engineering company. For this
project, simulation modelling was used
to design a solution that incorporated
virtual and physical tape across two
sites. The
cost saving over a
traditional tape solution has been over
$1.3M for the customer. This solution
was presented at Storage Networking
World in Frankfurt in October 2007, and
again incorporated leading edge